How to Use Linux for Noobs by a Noob

Here is a video I made about everything I've been learning about Linux:

Covering the following Topics:


In this video I discuss:
- What is an Operating System
- What is Linux?
- What is the best Distro for someone new
- Best distros for older machines
- Distros for Non-PAE old computers
- How to fix issues with IPW2200 Drivers for Linux
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In this video I discuss:
- What is an Operating System- What is Linux?- What is the best Distro for someone new- Best distros for older machines- Distros for Non-PAE old computers- How to fix issues with IPW2200 Drivers for Linux

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Ideas for True Blood Spinoffs

Hey HBO, I hope you read this...

I"m currently binge watching the entirety of True Blood (up to season 6) and figured now that's the shows over to toss out a couple of Ideas for Spin-Off shows(Please comment with your thoughts):


- One of the charachters from the original show (Lafayette? or Sookie?) move to NYC which is home of a political struggle between wererats (of course its, NYC) and Vampires. There can be a fun love triangle between the protaganist and the leader or element of both factions. Other fun charachters could be Chelsea turning out to be a Fairie haven, and russian immigrant living in sheepshead bay who is a werehamster and a hoarder. Basically nyc is filled with were rodents. Affordable housing can result in being a plot by vampires ties up in the cities politics to create feeding ground in the city for the vampires who live in high end neighborhoods.

- Alaska as a setting where a community of weres (polar bears/penguins) adjust as vampires begin to setup camp in their neck of the woods

- Jessica and Hoyt move to North Carolina where Hoyt finds a good job to the natural gas energy boom, Jessica makes new vampire friends and must protect Hoyt from the local pack of werewolves who work with Hoyt who arn't a fan of him moving a vampire in their territory.

- A show that takes place in the Fairie world, where many rebels try to open up new portals to the normal world... in doing so a vampire sneaks in and trouble ensues

- Lafeyette becomes a ghost hunter... and he is fabulous at it


The 5 Commandments of Libertarianism

To understand this post make sure to read this article about Elizabeth Warrens 11 Progressive Commandments.

While many libertarians like to keep it simple with basically one rule, the NAP (Non-Aggression Principle). I figured I'd take my stab at a good set of Libertarian commandments


# 1 - Individuals have the right to make choices regarding their property
(body, fruit of labor, justly acquired property)

# 2 - Individuals don't have the right to make choices regarding the property of others

# 3 - Individuals have the right to enter voluntary contracts of their liking with each other and have those contracts judged by a body of their mutual choosing

# 4 - Violence is only legitmatley used as a response to violence, The Initiation of Violence is NEVER just

# 5 - Markets are an efficient and more equitable way to distribute wealth than the alternative, and markets are an efficient conduit of knowledge. Individuals have a right to voluntarily form markets where they are demanded



Videos on Economic Indicators

Video Series on Economic Indicators
By Alex Merced

I've been doing videos on economic theory for years at but am now doing a project more geared towards application of economic knowledge.

Last weekend I picked up the book "the secrets of economic indicators", and decided to do a series of videos about all these indicators.

In these videos I discuss these indicators impact on the market, what they tell you about the economy, and how they are put together.

I have created a playlist just for this series which you can find at

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New Song From Alex Merced - "Modulate This"

Also new bass loops added to